Serial Killer Thrillers

Aalborg, Gordon. The Specialist
Ablow, Keith. Psychopath (also audio)
Airth, Rennie. River of Darkness
Alexie, Sherman. The Indian Killer
Baldacci, David. Hour Game (also LT and audio)
Barrow, Adam. Flawless
Belsky, R. B. Loverboy
Bernhardt, William. Silent Justice (and others by this author)
Billingham, Mark. Lazybones (and others by this author)
Brandon, Jay. Running with the Dead
Brown, Sandra. Chill Factor (also LT and audio)
Bruen, Ken. Vixen
Burke, Jan. Nine
Campbell, Ramsey. The Last Voice They Hear (and others by this author)
Cannell, Stephen J. Cold Hit. (and others by this author)
Carr, Caleb. The Alienist
Caunitz, William J. Exceptional Clearance
Chapman, Herb. The Book of Cain
Child, Lee. One Shot (also audio)
Connelly, Michael. The Poet (and others by this author)
Cook, Thomas H. Tabernacle
Cornwell, Patricia. All That Remains (and others in series)
Coulter, Catherine. The Maze
Crabbe, Richard. The Empire of Shadows
Cray, David. Partners
Crouch, Blake. Locked Doors
Deaver, Jeffery. The Devil’s Teardrop (also audio)
Dekker, Ted. Obsessed
Dietrich, William. Dark Winter
Dorsey, Tim. Cadillac Beach (and others in series)
Elliott, James. Cold, Cold Heart. MYS (also in LT)
Evans, Jon. Dark Places
Ferrigno, Robert. Flinch
Fiske, Dorsey. Raptor
Fredrickson, Michael. A Defense for the Dead
Gardner, Lisa. The Next Accident (also LT) (and others by this author)
Gerritsen, Tess. The Surgeon (also LT and audio) (and others in series)
Glass, Leslie. Burning Time
Grippando, James M. The Informant (and others by this author)
Gutman, Amy. The Anniversary
Harris, Thomas. Silence of the Lambs (also audio and video) (and others in series)
Hayder, Mo. Birdman
Hecht, Daniel. Puppets
Hewson, David. A Season for the Dead
Hirshberg, Glen. The Snowman’s Children
Hoffman, Jilliane. Last Witness
Holt, A. J. Watch Me
Hosp, David. Dark Harbor
Iles, Greg. Mortal Fear (and others by this author)
Jackson, Lisa. Shiver
Johansen, Iris. Firestorm (also LT and audio)
John, Katherine. Without Trace
Joyce, Brenda. The Chase
Katzenbach, John. Just Cause (and others by this author)
Kava, Alex. A Perfect Evil (and others in series)
Kellerman, Faye. Straight into Darkness (also LT)
Kellerman, Jonathan. The Butcher’s Theater (and others in series)
Kerley, Jack. The Hundredth Man (and others in series)
Koontz, Dean. Velocity (also LT and audio)
Lasdun, James. The Horned Man
Lescroart, John. The Second Chair (also LT and audio)
Lindsey, David. The Cold Mind
Lindsay, Jeff. Darkly Dreaming Dexter (and others in series)
Lovett, Sarah. Acquired Motives
McDermid, Val. Killing the Shadows (and others in series)
Margolin, Philip. Wild Justice (also LT and audio) (and others by this author)
Masterton, Graham. The Chosen Child
May, Peter. The Firemaker. MYS
Mills, Kyle. Burn Factor
Mina, Denise. Deception
Mitchell, Kirk. Shadow on the Valley: A Civil War Thriller
Monsour, Theresa. Cold Blood
Montanari, Richard. Kiss of Evil (and others by this author)
Mooney, Chris. Deviant Ways
Muller, Marcia. Point Deception (also LT)
Nasaw, Jonathan. Twenty-Seven Bones (and others by this author)
Palmer, Michael. The Society (also LT and audio)
Patterson, James. Kiss the Girls (also LT and video) (and others by this author)
Perry, Thomas. Pursuit (and others by this author)
Petit, Christopher. The Psalm Killer
Phillips, Scott. Cottonwood
Preston, Douglas, and Lincoln Child. Brimstone (also LT and audio) (and others in series)
Rendell, Ruth. The Rottweiler (also LT) (and others by this author)
Rhoades, J. D. Good Day in Hell
Rose, M. J. The Halo Effect
Russell, Alan. Shame
Sandford, John. Rules of Prey (and others in series)
Santlofer, Jonathan. The Death Artist
Saul, John. The Manhattan Hunt Club (also LT and audio)
Smith, Mitchell. Sacrifice
Thorp, Roderick. The River
Tracy, P. J. Dead Run (also audio)
Waites, Martyn. The Mercy Seat
Walker, Robert W. Blind Instinct
Walsh, Marcie. The Killing Club
Walter, Jess. Over Tumbled Graves
White, Stephen. Blinded (also LT and audio)
Whittier, Aris. Fatal Embrace
Wiltse, David. Close to the Bone (and others by this author)