Spy Stories

Altman, John. A Gathering of Spies
Baer, Robert. Blow the House Down
Berenson, Alex. The Faithful Spy
Berlinski, Claire. Lion Eyes
Block, Lawrence. Tanner on Ice (also LT and audio)
The Blue and the Gray Undercover
The Book of Spies: An Anthology of Literary Espionage
Boyd, William. Restless
Bromell, Henry. Little America
Buchan, John. The Thirty-Nine Steps
Buckley, William F., Jr. Last Call for Blackford Oakes
Clancy, Tom. The Cardinal of the Kremlin (also LT and audio)
Coonts, Stephen. Liars and Thieves (also LT)
Death by Espionage: Intriguing Stories of Betrayal and Deception
Deighton, Len. Spy Hook (also LT)
DeVoe, Forrest. Eye of the Archangel
Downing, David. Zoo Station
Durand, Loup. Jaguar
Dvoracek, Delray K. The Mirror Man
Easterman, Daniel. The Last Assassin
Egleton, Clive. Cry Havoc
Fawcett, Quinn. Honor Among Spies
Fleming, Thomas. Dreams of Glory
Flynn, Vince. Act of Treason
Follett, Ken. The Man from St. Petersburg
Folsom, Allan. The Day After Tomorrow
Freemantle, Brian. Bomb Grade
Furst, Alan. Kingdom of Shadows
Gabbay, Tom. The Berlin Conspiracy
Garber, Joseph R. Whirlwind
Gardner, John. Confessor (also LT)
Gilbert, Michael. Into Battle
Gilman, Dorothy. The Elusive Mrs. Pollifax. MYS
Grady, James. River of Darkness
Granger, Bill. The Zurich Numbers
Grayson, Emily. Night Train to Lisbon (also LT)
Griffin, W. E. B. The Soldier Spies
Hall, Adam. Quiller Bamboo (also LT)
Harris, Richard. Enemies
Harrison, Payne. Black Cipher
Hartov, Steven. The Devil’s Shepherd
Higgins, Jack. The Eagle Has Flown
Hougan, Jim. Kingdom Come
Ignatius, David. Body of Lies
Iles, Greg. Black Cross
Ing, Dean. Spooker
Ison, Graham. Hardcastle’s Spy
Koontz, I. Michael. Under Cloak of Darkness
Law, J. Patrick. The Assistant
Lawton, John. Old Flames
LeCarre, John. Russia House (also LT)
Littell, Robert. The Sisters
Llewellyn, Sam. The Shadow in the Sands
Ludlum, Robert. The Bourne Identity (also audio)
Lynds, Gayle. The Coil
McCarry, Charles. The Last Supper
MacKinnon, Colin. Morning Spy, Evening Spy
McNab, Andy. Firewall
Mathews, Francine. The Cutout
Meade, Glenn. Snow Wolf
Metzl, Jamie. The Depths of the Sea
Mills, Kyle. Fade
Morrell, David. The Fifth Profession
Murray, Edmund P. The Peregrine Spy
Porter, Henry. A Spy’s Life
Price, Anthony. Gunner Kelly. MYS
Rimington, Stella. At Risk
Ross, Joel N. Double Cross Blind
Rucka, Greg. A Gentleman’s Game
Safire, William. Sleeper Spy
Sanders, Lawrence. Capital Crimes
Schwartzberg, Bernard. The Careless Spy
Scott, Leonard B. Forged in Honor
Sebastian, Tim. The Memory Church
Seymour, Gerald. A Line in the Sand
Sheldon, Sidney. Are You Afraid of the Dark? (also LT and audio)
Silva, Daniel. The Unlikely Spy (also LT)
Simmons, Dan. The Crook Factory
Sofer, Barbara. The Thirteenth Hour
Staeger, Will. Painkiller
Starling, Boris. Visibility
Stone, David. The Echelon Vendetta
Weaver, Michael. The Lie
Weber, Joe. Honorable Enemies
Weisman, John. Jack in the Box
Willig, Lauren. The Deception of the Emerald Ring
Wilson, Robert. The Company of Strangers
Wolstencroft, David. Contact Zero