Substance Abuse Resources
at the Long Beach Public Library and in the Community


Alcoholics Anonymous, Nassau Intergroup 24-hour hotline: (516) 292-3040
Lists AA meetings in Long Beach on their website, or call (516) 292-3045 for info.

Long Beach Reach
2-12 W. Park Ave. (516) 889-2332
Outpatient substance abuse/alcoholism treatment. Appointments can be made by phone or in person.

Long Island Crisis Center, Middle Earth hotline (516) 679-1111
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, telephone crisis hotline
Crisis intervention, counseling, information, referral.

Mental Health Association of Nassau County (516) 504-4357.
Call 9 AM to 6 PM, seven days a week, to speak to a mental health professional.
Advocacy, programs, and support to individuals and their families who are affected by mental illness.

Mercy New Hope Crisis Center (516) 546-7070
Referrals to rehab programs.

Narcotics Anonymous, Nassau Area Service Committee Help line: (516) 827-9500
Lists NA meetings in and near Long Beach on their website, or call for info.

Nassau Alliance for Addiction Services (NAFAS) Nassau County Drug and Alcohol Hotline (516) 481-4000
Search for local agencies under Programs and Services on their website, or call for assistance.

Nassau County Drug and Alcohol Hotline (516) 481-4000

Nassau County Office of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency and Developmental Disabilities Services
(NCOMHCDDDS) (516) 227-7057

Nassau University Medical Center (NUMC)/ Detox: (516) 572-6394
2201 Hempstead Turnpike, East Meadow
Must call for phone screening, someone will call back usually within 24 hours. If accepted after phone
screening, bed date will be scheduled. Rehab facility on site.

New York State HOPEline (877) 846-7369
24 hours a day, 365 days a year

OASAS--New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services. (877) 846-7369
Licensed services--can provide info for any resource on Long Island. Find help for alcoholism, substance abuse, and gambling treatment.

Oceanside Counseling Center (516) 766-6283

SAMHSA--Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration. (877) 726-4727 (877-SAMHSA-7)
National directory for all levels of care--substance abuse and mental health issues

Seafield Center (800) 448-4808
Inpatient, outpatient, and sober housing services

Yes Community Counseling Center
Levittown office: (516) 719-0313
Massapequa office: (516) 799-3203
Community-based non profit. School-based social work, counseling, drug/alcohol treatment, and a wide variety of other services

Search these subscription databases, available from the Library website (http://longbeachlibrary.or /databases/#health), for articles on drug abuse and related topics:

- Gale Psychology Collection
- Health and Wellness Resource Center (includes magazines and journals, books and fact sheets, pamphlets, media, and news)
- Proquest Health Management
- Salud Para Todos (en Español)

BOOKS - R = Reference; YA = Young Adult; J = Children’s; SP = Spanish

Drug Abuse Source-book: Basic Consumer Health Information about the Abuse of Cocaine, Club Drugs, Hallucinogens, Heroin, Inhalants, Marijuana, and Other Illicit Substances, Prescription Medications, and Over-the- Counter Medicines. R362.29 D

Abraham, Henry David. What’s a Parent to Do?: Straight Talk on Drugs and Alcohol. 649.4 Abr

Babbit, Nikki. Adolescent Drug & Alcohol Abuse: How to Spot It, Stop It, and Get Help for Your Family. 649.4 Bab

Growing up Drug Free: A Parent’s Guide to Prevention. PARENTING YA 362.293 Gro

Leary, George E. What’s Wrong with My Kid?: When Drugs or Alcohol Might Be a Problem and What to
Do about It. 649.4 Lea

Milhorn, H. Thomas, Jr. Drugs and Alcohol Abuse: The Authoritative Guide for Parents, Teachers, and \Counselors. 649.4 M

Neff, Pauline. Tough Love: How Parents Can Deal with Drug Abuse. 362.2 Nef

Wallace, Stephen. Reality Gap : Alcohol, Drugs and Sex What Parents Don’t Know and Teens Aren’t
Telling. 613.8083 Wal

Youcha, Geraldine, and Judith S. Seixas. Drugs, Alcohol, and Your Children: How to Keep Your Family Substance-Free. 649.4 Y

Alcoholics Anonymous: The Story of How Many Thousands of Men and Women Have Recovered from

Alcoholism. 362.292 Alc

Apel, Melanie Ann. Cocaine and Your Nose: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.298 Ape

Balcavage, Dynise. Steroids. YA 362.299 Bal

Bickerstaff, Linda. Cocaine: Coke and the War on Drugs. YA 362.298 Bic

Biggers, Jeff. Transgenerational Addiction. YA 362.29 Big

Booley, Theresa Anne. Alcohol and Your Liver: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.29 Boo

Brezina, Corona. Uppers: Stimulant Abuse. YA 613.84 Bre

Carroll, Marilyn. Cocaine and Crack. J 362.298 Car

_______. PCP: The Dangerous Angel. YA R 615.2 P

Cefrey, Holly. Hallucinogens and Your Neurons: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.29 Cef

Chastain, Zachary. Cocaine: The Rush to Destruction. YA 362.298 Cha

Chier, Ruth. Danger: Alcohol. J 362.292 Chi

_______. Danger: Cocaine. J 362.29 Chi

Clayton, Lawrence. Amphetamines and Other Stimulants. YA 362.29 Cla

_______. Steroids. YA 362.29 Cla

Cobb, Allan J. Heroin and Your Veins: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.29 Cob

Cohen, Susan and Daniel. What You Can Believe about Drugs: An Honest and Unhysterical Guide for Teens. YA 362.29 C

Colvin, Rod. Overcoming Prescription Drug Addiction: A Guide to Coping and Understanding. 362.299 Col

Connolly, Sean. Amphetamines. YA 362.299 Con
_______. Cocaine. YA 362.298 Con
_______. Ecstasy. YA 362.299 Con
_______. Heroin. YA 362.293 Con
_______. LSD. YA 362.29 Con
_______. Steroids. YA 362.299 Con

Cox, W. Miles. The Addictive Personality. YA R 615.2 A

Croft, Jennifer. PCP: High Risk on the Streets. YA 362.29 Cro

Derkins, Susie. Barbiturates and Your Central Nervous System: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.29 Der

Dolan, Edward F. Drugs in Sports. J 362.29 D

Ecstasy: The Complete Guide: A Comprehensive Look at the Risks and Benefits of MDMA. 615.785 Ecs

Etingoff, Kim. Abusing Over-the-Counter Drugs: Illicit Uses for Everyday Drugs. YA 362.299 Eti
_______. Methamphetamine: Unsafe Speed. YA 362.2995 Eti

Ferreiro, Carmen. Heroin. YA 362.293 Fer

Finnigan, Candy. When Enough Is Enough: A Comprehensive Guide to Successful Intervention. 362.2042 Fin

Fishman, Ross. Alcohol and Alcoholism. YA R 615.2 A

Fletcher, Anne M. Inside Rehab: The Surprising Truth About Addiction Treatment--and How to Get Help That Works. 362.29 Fle

Flynn, Noa. Inhalants and Solvents: Sniffing Disaster. YA 362.2993 Fly

Freedman, Jeri. Steroids: High-Risk Performance Drugs. YA 613.8 Fre

Furst, Peter E. Mushrooms: Psychedelic Fungi. YA R 615.2 M

Giddens, Sandra, and Owen Giddens. Making Smart Choices about Cigarettes, Drugs, and Alcohol. YA 178 Gid

Glass, George. Narcotics: Dangerous Painkillers. YA 362.29 Gla

Glowa, John R. Inhalants: The Toxic Fumes. YA R 615.2 I

Gold, Mark S., and Christine Adamec. The Encyclopedia of Alcoholism and Alcohol Abuse. R 362.292 G

Goldish, Meish. The Dangers of Herbal Stimulants. YA 362.29 Gol

Grabish, Beatrice R. Drugs and Your Brain. YA 362.29 Gra

Gwinnell, Esther, and Christine Adamec. The Encyclopedia of Drug Abuse. R 616.86 G

Harmon, Daniel E. Hallucinogens: The Dangers of Distorted Reality. YA 613.83 Har

Henningfield, Jack E., and Nancy Almand Ator. Barbiturates: Sleeping Potion or Intoxicant? YA R 615.2 B

Herrick, Charles, and Charlotte A. 100 Questions & Answers about Alcoholism. 616.861 Her

Hooked: When Addiction Hits Home. YA 362.2913 Hoo

Howard, Marion. Did I Have a Good Time?: Teenage Drinking. 613.81 H

Hurwitz, Sue, and Nancy Shniderman. Drugs and Your Friends. J 362.29 H

Hutchings, Donald. Methadone, Treatment for Addiction. YA R 615.2 M

Iverson, Leslie L. The Science of Marijuana. 615.7827 Ive

Jay, Jeff, and Jerry A. Boriskin. At Wit’s End: What You Need to Know When a Loved One Is Diagnosed with

Addiction and Mental Illness. 616.8607 Jay

Klein, Wendy. Drugs and Denial. YA 362.29 Kle

Lang, Alan R. Alcohol, Teenage Drinking. YA R 615.2 A

Langer, Michael B. Drugs and the Pressure to Be Perfect. YA 362.29 Lan

Lau, Doretta. Steroids. YA 362.29 Lau

Littell, Mary Ann. LSD. YA 362.29 Lit

Lockwood, Brad. Oxycontin: From Pain Relief to Addiction. YA 615.3233 Loc

McFarland, Rhoda. Cocaine. YA 362.29 Mcf

McLaughlin, Miriam Smith, and Sandra Peyser Hazouri. Addiction: The High That Brings You Down. YA 362.29 Mcl

Manley, Claudia B. Crack and Your Circulatory System: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.293 Man

Mass, Wendy. Teen Drug Abuse. YA 362.29 Mas

Mehling, Randi. Marijuana. YA 362.29 Meh

Miller, Malinda. Ecstasy: Dangerous Euphoria. YA362.299 Mil

Miller, William R., and Ricardo F. Muñoz. Controlling Your Drinking: Tools to Make Moderation Work for You. 613.81 Mil

Murphy, Patricia J. Avoiding Drugs. J 362.29 Mur

Nagle, Jeanne. Marijuana. YA 613.835 Nag

Narcotics Anonymous. 362.293 N

Nelson, Sheila. Hallucinogens: Unreal Visions. YA 362.294 Nel

O’Donnell, Kerri. Inhalants and Your Nasal Passages: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.299 Odo

Orr, Tamra B. Ecstasy. YA 613.8 Orr

Papa, Susan. Addiction. YA 616.86 Pap

Picard, E. Rafaela. Danger: Drugs and Your Friends. J 362.29 Pic
_______. Danger: Drugs and Your Neighborhood. J 362.29 Pic

Prentiss, Chris. The Alcoholism and Addiction Cure: A Holistic Approach to Total Recovery. 362.2928 Pre

Ramen, Fred. Prescription Drugs. YA 615.1 Ram

Richards, Pam. Alcohol. YA 362.292 Ric

Robinson, Matthew. Inhalant Abuse. YA 362. 299 Rob

Ryan, Elizabeth A. Straight Talk about Drugs and Alcohol. YA 362.29 Rya

Sanberg, Paul R., and Michael D. Bunsey. Prescription Narcotics: The Addictive Painkillers. YA R 615.2 P

Sanna, E. J. Heroin and Other Opiods: Poppies’ Perilous Children. YA 362.293 San
_______. Marijuana: Mind-Altering Weed. YA 362.295 San

Sauer, Jost. Drug Repair That Works: How to Reclaim Your Health, Happiness and Highs. 616.8696 Sau

Schnoll, Sidney. Getting Help: Treatments for Drug Abuse. YA R 615.2 A

Senker, Cath. Avoiding Harmful Substances. J 615.1 Sen

Seppala, Marvin D., and David P. Martin. Pain-Free Living for Drug-Free People: A Guide to Pain Management in Recovery. 616.8606 Sep

Sherry, Clifford. Inhalants. YA 362.29 She

Silverstein, Alvin, Virginia, and Robert. Steroids: Big Muscles, Big Problems. YA 362.29 S

Simpson, Carolyn. Methadone. YA 362.29 Sim

Sinister, Bucky. Get Up: A 12-step Guide to Recovery for Misfits, Freaks & Weirdos. 616.861 Sin

Slade, Suzanne. OxyContin Abuse. YA 613.83 Sla

Smith, Sandra Lee. Heroin. YA 362.29 Smi
_______. Marijuana. YA 362.29 Smi

Sommers, Michael A. Cocaine. YA 362.298 Som

Spalding, Frank. Methamphetamine: The Dangers of Crystal Meth. YA 362.299 Spa

Spring, Albert. Steroids and Your Muscles: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.29 S

Stanley, Debbie. Marijuana and Your Lungs: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.29 Sta

Stewart, Gail. Teen Alcoholics. YA 362.292 Ste

Stoppard, Miriam, translated by Élida Smalietis. Qué Son las Drogas : Desde el Alcohol y el Tabaco Hasta el Éxtasis y la Heroína. SP 362.2909 S

Strazzabosco-Hayn, Gina. Drugs and Sleeping Disorders. YA 616.8 Str

Stwertka, Eve and Albert. Marijuana. J 362.29 God

Taylor, Barbara. Everything You Need to Know about Alcohol. YA 362.29 Tay

Teen Addiction. YA 362.29 Tee

Trulson, Michael E. LSD: Visions or Nightmares. YA R 615.2 L

Underage Drinking. YA 362.292 Und

Urschel, Harold. Healing the Addicted Brain: The Revolutionary, Science-Based Alcoholism and Addiction

Recovery Program. 616.8606 Urs

Walker, Ida. Addiction in America: Society, Psychology and Heredity. YA 362.2909 Wal
_______. Addiction Treatment: Escaping the Trap. YA 616.8606 Wal
_______. Natural and Everyday Drugs: A False Sense of Security. YA 613.8 Wal
_______. Painkillers: Prescription Dependency. YA 616.86 Wal
_______. Recreational Ritalin: The Not-so-Smart Drug. YA 616.8589 Wal
_______. Steroids: Pumped up and Dangerous. YA 362.299 Wal

Weil, Andrew, and Winifred Rosen. From Chocolate to Morphine: Everything You Need to Know about Mind-Altering Drugs. 613.8 Wei

Werther, Scott P. Ecstasy and Your Heart: The Incredibly Disgusting Story. YA 362.29 Wer

West, James W. The Betty Ford Center Book of Answers. 616.86 Wes

When Painkillers Become Dangerous: What Everyone Needs to Know about OxyContin and Other Prescription Drugs. 616.8606 W

Willett, Edward. Speed. YA 616.864 Wil

Wolny, Philip. Abusing Prescription Drugs. YA 362.29 Wol


- Addiction: A 14-Part Series. DVD 616.86 Add
- Alcohol: Teenage Drinking. YA DVD 362.2922 Dru
- Club Drugs. YA DVD 362.29 Dru
- Cocaine & Crack. YA DVD 362.298 Dru
- Heroin & Other Opiates. YA DVD 362.293 Dru
- Inhalants. YA DVD 362.299 Dru
- Marijuana. YA DVD 362.295 Dru
- Methamphetamine & Other Stimulants. YA DVD 362.299 Dru
- Reality matters. Under the influence. YA DVD 616.861 Und
- Steroids. YA DVD 362.2908 Dru
- Tranquilizers & Other Depressants. YA DVD 362.2908 Dru

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