War Stories: Fiction and Film

American Revolution:
Carter, Jimmy. The Hornet’s Nest
Edmonds, Walter. Drums Along the Mohawk (also video)
Fast, Howard. Seven Days in June
Fleming, Thomas. Dreams of Glory
Harr, John Ensor. Dark Eagle: A Story of Benedict Arnold and the American Revolution
Morgan, Robert. Brave Enemies
Robson, Lucia St. Clair. Shadow Patriots
Shaara, Jeff. The Glorious Cause*
Wallace, Randall. Love and Honor
Civil War:
Bahr, Howard. The Judas Field*
Bierce, Ambrose. Shadows of Blue and Gray
Cornwell, Bernard. Rebel*
Crane, Stephen. The Red Badge of Courage (also video)
Doctorow, E. L. The March
Foote, Shelby. Shiloh
Kantor, Mackinlay. Andersonville*
Keneally, William. Confederates
Moreau, C. X. The Promise of Glory: A Novel of Antietam
Nelson, James L. Thieves of Mercy: A Novel of the Civil War at Sea*
Parry, Owen. Faded Coat of Blue*
Reasoner, James. Manassas*
Shaara, Jeff. Gods and Generals (also video)
Shaara, Michael. The Killer Angels (filmed as Gettysburg)
World War I:
Barker, Pat. Regeneration*
Booth, Martin. Islands of Silence
Fullerton, Alexander. The Blooding of the Guns
Gardiner, John Rolfe. Somewhere in France
Goddard, Robert. In Pale Battalions
Hemingway, Ernest. A Farewell to Arms (also video)
Kennedy, William P. Rules of Encounter
The Lighthorsemen
Paths of Glory
Perry, Anne. Shoulder the Sky*
Remarque, Erich Maria. All Quiet on the Western Front (also video)
Robinson, Derek. War Story
Smith, Wilbur. The Burning Shore
Trumbo, Dalton. Johnny Got His Gun (also video)
World War II:
Ballard, J. C. Empire of the Sun
Beach, Edward. Run Silent, Run Deep* (also video)
Das Boot
Borden, G. F. Seven Six One
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Bull, Bartle. The Devil’s Oasis
De Bernieres, Louis. Corelli’s Mandolin (filmed as Captain Corelli’s Mandolin)
Dunmore, Helen. The Siege
Enemy Below
Faulks, Sebastian. Charlotte Gray (also video)
Follett, Ken. The Key to Rebecca*
Furst, Alan. Dark Voyage*
Heller, Joseph. Catch-22 (also video)
Hersey, John. The War Lover (also video)
Hickam, Homer. The Ambassador’s Son*
Jones, James. From Here to Eternity* (also video)
Ledig, Gert. The Stalin Front
The Longest Day
Monsarrat, Nicholas. The Cruel Sea (also video)
Nemirovsky, Irene. Suite Francaise
Ondaatje, Michael. The English Patient (also video)
Reeman, Douglas. Valor
Robbins, David L. Liberation Road*
Rosenbaum, Ray. Falcons
Rybakov, Anatoli. Dust and Ashes
The Sands of Iwo Jima
Saving Private Ryan
Tora! Tora! Tora!
The Tuskegee Airmen
Wouk, Herman. War and Remembrance
Korean War:
Brady, James. The Marines of Autumn*
Busch, Frederick. War Babies
Griffin, W. E. B. Retreat, Hell!*
Jin, Ha. War Trash
Michener, James A. The Bridges at Toko-ri (also video)
Simmons, Edwin Howard. Dog Company Six
Spragg, Mark. An Unfinished Life
Vietnam War:
Apocalypse Now
The Deer Hunter
Deutermann, P. T. The Edge of Honor
Dickinson, Richard H. The Silent Men
Full Metal Jacket
Gardens of Stone
Haldeman, Joe. 1968
Hamburger Hill
Heaven & Earth
O’Brien, Tim. The Things They Carried
Pfarrer, Donald. The Fearless Man
We Were Soldiers
Webb, James. Lost Soldiers
Other Wars:
American Soldiers
Behind Enemy Lines
Behold a Pale Horse
Black Hawk Down
Coyle, Harold. Savage Wilderness
Dickinson, Richard H. The Warlord
Duong, Thu Huong. No Man’s Land
Hudson, Gabe. Dear Mr. President: Stories
Iweala, Uzodinma. Beasts of No Nation
The Killing Fields
Sholokhov, Mikhail. And Quiet Flows the Don
Simon, Scott. Pretty Birds
War Stories